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USB Cordless Portable Heated Blanket

USB Cordless Portable Heated Blanket

This cordless and portable heated blanket is an innovative solution for your on-the-go warmth, whether you're at home for leisure, company office, outdoor camping, or long-distance driving.
Its unique flexible film electric heating system has 97% electric heat conversion efficiency, easily having up to 3 hours of life.
The flexible heating film can achieve uniform heating of the entire cloth surface in 3 seconds, with the skin-friendly fabric of faux rabbit fleece, so that the blanket can better fit your body and better transfer heat to you, and there is no foreign body feeling of any resistance wire.
62.9 inches × 31.5 inches large size design, with zipper design, so you can both cover and draped on the body, but also can be worn. A blanket to solve your needs in a variety of environments, different locations on the body for warmth.
3 levels temperature: 104℉/118℉/131℉, easily adjustable with one button switch.

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  • Health

    Uniform heating without drying

  • Security

    FCC certification
    NTC intelligent temperature control

  • Hygienic

    Machine washable and Hand washable

  • Faux Rabbit fleece

    Skin-friendly and warmer feeling

  • One for multiple uses

    Home, office, outdoor camping

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  • Innovative cordless and portable multifunctional heated blanket, you can use it as a cover blanket when resting at home, as a shawl in the office where the air conditioning temperature is particularly low, and as a dress to wear when camping outdoors.
  • With USB cordless power supply, helping you to get rid of the wire completely, equipped with 8000mA 18W rechargeable battery, can be easily stored into the small pocket of the blanket, providing up to 3 hours of battery life, so you can use it anytime, anywhere you want.
  • The large 62.9" x 31.5" design and skin-friendly, soft faux rabbit fleece fabric will wrap or cover your body while fitting perfectly, transferring and locking more heat into your body.
  • The 155 square inches of flexible heating film can be curled and rolled at will with the blanket, and a storage bag is included so you can easily roll up the blanket and store it in your backpack, car storage compartment, or drawer at home.
  • Durable fabric and flexible film electric heating system can be safely hand and machine washed.
  • High quality battery, 100% UL/FCC certified, 800 charge/discharge cycles.

Flexible Flm Electric Heating system

  • 155 square inch film heats up the whole body, giving you a more even and comfortable heating experience.
  • The flexible electric heating unit fits the body better, allowing the warmth to penetrate deep into the body, bringing you warmth from the inside out, just like basking in the sun.
  • The NTC intelligent temperature sensing chip can sense the temperature of the heated blanket in real time, and according to the real time temperature, it can automatically switch the working mode of heating or keeping warm to ensure that the temperature is constant at the set level to avoid the temperature being too high or too low and achieve accurate temperature control.
  • The use of flexible circuit design, while ensuring the safety of the appliance, can better fit the body, and wear without the foreign body feeling of traditional wires. The overall waterproof design can be hand-washed and machine-washed to help you always ensure health and hygiene.

Power Bank

  • Lighter design, 3.15 inches x 2.36 inches x 0.98 inches, weighing 6.4 ounces, with rounded corners, can easily fit into the small pocket of the blanket and will not be bothered by the large size or any sense of falling objects.
  • Safer design with built-in over-current protection, over-voltage protection and short-circuit protection, UL/FCC certified.
  • 8000mA large capacity, fully charged can provide at least 3 hours of heating blanket life.
  • PD and QC fast charging technology, Type-C interface, release 18W high power, in addition to powering the heating blanket, but also your cell phone, flat shot computer, Bluetooth headset power.

    1 × USB Cordless Portable Heated Blanket

    1 × Power Bank

    1 × Type-C charging cable

    1 × Storage bag

    1 × User Manual


    2-year replacement warranty

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Sara Bradley
Instruction manual

I receive the portable blanket without an instruction manual. Can you please send me one.